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A... Designer, Developer, Partner.

Since starting my freelance career in 2006, I have worked with various clients to deliver elegant and impactful communications. From logos to advertising, publications to websites; I incorporate your ideas with our skills and experience in order to deliver and make your message more powerful.

With ever expanding curiosity and creativity, this experience has given myself endless opportunities to go behind the scenes in all different kinds of business aspects and to grow individually with our clients. Our most gratifying moments in business is to see our clients succeed in their businesses.

About Daniel
I started my freelance career after graduating in 2006, working for various companies, learning from them, how they operated and such. Then I started my career working for MediaShaker. I am always open to learning and gaining new skills with each project and most importantly keep up to date with the latest certified programs and courses in order to satisty my clients.

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Happy Clients = Success!


Web Design

Designing from paper to the web page. Taking ideas mixed with my advice to make your business succeed.

Web Development

Programming websites after the draft phase. This includes basic HTML/CSS coding and other more advanced scripting/or animations.


Working with Joomla, Wordpress, or other custom Content Management Systems to make it easier accessible for clients to edit their own pages.


Taking pictures for your website is a must. Any one photo can be eye catching. You don't just want to look at a blank page with only words. Customers like to look around and see your products you carry.


Branding & Marketing

Strong brands build business and equity for their owners. Every successful business counts on a smart marketing and communications strategy.

Achieving Your Goals

Every successful business counts on a smart marketing and communications strategy.


Print Design

Need business cards, flyers, brochures, or any other print materials? Contact Daniel and see what he can do for you and your business.

The Process.


1. Discovery

This is when we get into a cozy discussion room with gallons of steaming rich coffee, from Starbucks or your favorite place to meet & ask you loads of questions. We want to know it all for making the best business plan for you.



Once we have a detailed plan ready, we lay it out to get your approval. Once it is approved, we head into our design phase. This is where it all comes together, a blend of sleek design and a vibrant look, all customized for your business and target audience.



This is where I create the website from a screenshot concept and ideas into the working engine your website is to become.



Once we have a thorough round of testing done, we are ready to launch. Little tweaks to be done are taken care of even after we launch (4 months after) so that you have the best possible outcome



Client List

Get in touch

Please get in touch with Daniel for additional information about my services.